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So there's a new album coming?

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    So there's a new album coming?

    From last month: "“It’s currently 21 songs,” Billy says. “I’ve been working on it for over a year. It’s pretty different – in a good way, I think. Everybody that’s heard it likes it a lot, so that’s a good sign."

    Any thoughts, anyone?

    I wouldn't say I have high hopes, exactly. The past 15 or so years have kind of dulled those. But a quote from Stereogum's 20th anniversary retrospective on Machina kind of sums up what I'm hoping for: "It’ll probably be bullshit, but at least it’ll be Corgan back on his bullshit."

    Down to 20 songs now. I wish Billy would quit cutting them. Great songs get cut all the time with this band. On the optimistic side, even if it is "subpar" for the Pumpkins, it will still be better than a lot of stuff out there currently.

    I don't have high hopes exactly but I think it will at least be decent and I'm ready to go on whatever journey the band wants to take us on.


      "Everybody that’s heard it likes it a lot, so that’s a good sign."

      Hasn't he said this about like the last 10 yrs worth of output?


        Originally posted by Mals Marola View Post
        "Everybody that’s heard it likes it a lot, so that’s a good sign."

        Hasn't he said this about like the last 10 yrs worth of output?

        My view, if we're speaking 2010-present...and strictly speaking of Pumpkins....

        Oceania was well received, for a rock album, and fans generally appreciate it. Not my fav, in fact I cringe in one or two spots, but I do generally appreciate it and think it has few gems, even. So I suppose I could put it on par with Zeitgeist, on face value.

        Monuments to an Elegy....critically well-received I guess? Fans, not quite as much, because 1) it was so short and 2.) obviously had some very repetitive lyrics on some songs which sort of dumbed things down....but over-all, I think the album had some solid songs. No, it's not Machina or even Zeitgeist....or even Oceania. It's just sort of this short and sweet offering that was dumbed down deliberately....which probably makes it the oddest SP album ever. But I will give it a pass because I know Billy did it deliberately and as an experiment to see what would happen. He had reached a point of exasperation artistically and has admitted as much. Yielded some interesting music videos though...

        Shiny and Oh So Bright vol.1 - I don't really consider it an "album" and neither does Billy. But an offering. In my opinion, it consists of a few hits, a few near hits, and a few near misses. So not bad, for an offering....I do wish the mix for Solara had more of the background sounds coming from other guitars, though.

        All in all, 2010-2020...I don't think it's been the strongest material when compared to the Pumpkins' previous work. But I won't say that makes it "bad"....because I consider 1988-2000 to be a golden era, and I'll even say Zeitgeist era was gold too, even if the initial Zeitgeist release was flubbed. Those times are big shoes to fill. And post-Zeitgeist to now has been a challenging and confusing time for Billy and for the band.

        Anyway, I figure SAOSB will be more of the same from vol. 1. Only question in my mind is how hard/loud or how soft/gentle.....but I would like to hear a little more rawness and a little more fire, emotion and conviction in his voice, though.

        Let's not forget Ogilala and Cotillions, though. Both of which, imo, are stripped-down masterpieces.
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          Billy is making a video, prolly for the new album.


            it's most likely going to be hot garbage.


              confirmed for hot garbage.


                I enjoyed both Cyr and The Colour of Love


                  the "In Ashes" musical cartoon thingy is pretty fun. I feel like the band is being more innovative right now than they've been in a long time. Which is great.

                  And, whether you like the style of the new music or not, I feel like "SAOSB vol.2: Cyr" is the first "real" album the band has produced since Oceania in 2012. I don't want to crap on Monuments to an Elegy from late 2014, but we all probably know that as an album, it was an anomaly. Some solid songs on there but also some very intentionally repetitive lyrics and the shortest album SP's ever released. It felt more like a moment than an era, if you ask me. And I don't even consider Vol. 1 an album - more of just small collection or offering.

                  But anyway, however you see it, this is the biggest studio work from SP since 2012.


                    So far for me, the songs have been a mixed bag. The only 2 I like are Cyr and Anno Santana. I initially liked Wrath, but it gets old pretty quick.

                    It's cool that we hear kind of a darker vibe to the music for the first time since maybe Machina. Ever since Zwan, a lot of the content was more upbeat and spiritual, almost sounding like Christian rock at times but this kinda feels like SP again... With that said, I'm disappointed at the lack of Jimmy! Honestly, where the heck is he?! can only really definitively here him in Color.

                    Looking forward to checking out the rest of the tracks though. Hoping we get some rock thrown in there.


                      Wife was out last night and had the house to myself, so decided to put in a good old fashioned house drunk and put on the new SP tracks. My drunken reaction was that Colour of Love and Birch Grove are pretty good. I didn't outright hate anything, but those were the two songs that stood out the most to me. As always, I'm interested to hear the album but wondering if everything is going to be in the vein of what we've heard so far.


                        Wyttch is pretty good. I enjoyed Ramona.


                          I keep realizing it will never be as good as it was, but I still let myself get disappointed when a new track is released.


                            It's like a side gig for everyone now, Corgan included. But I do think it's kinda cool that I've been listening to the same band since I was 12, now. It'll be a weird day indeed when The Smashing Pumpkins are gone forever.


                              Wytch is really begging for some lead guitar and a solo. Cool to hear Jimmy at the forefront again though. I don't like Ramona at all. Very bland and milquetoast.

                              Sorta disappointed!