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    Originally posted by Belteshazzar View Post
    SOOOO.......what did you guys do with your government checks???
    I paid some bills and saved the rest. I wanted to spend the whole thing on shit I didn't need but, I honestly don't make a lot to begin with. " "
    He fixes the cable?


      Originally posted by jas1n View Post

      I paid some bills and saved the rest. I wanted to spend the whole thing on shit I didn't need but, I honestly don't make a lot to begin with. " "
      Yeah. I used mine to pay off a new floor we got in our house. Was MUCH appreciated. And to be honest, I'm crossing my fingers for another one. GIMME MAH MONAY


        Originally posted by parkseonjun View Post
        Yeah, it's pretty much bananas everywhere. Here, they will refuse to give you any service if you go out without a mask. I don't think it much of a hassle. If it helps prevent the spread of the virus then I am doing my civic duty and protecting me and those around me. I know that this pandemic has had a mixture of opinions among the populace but you can't deny the death count and the people suffering because of the virus. I have even read on a korean safe site that a vaccine is still ways away from being approved for human testing. So it's best just to do what you can to help others and the country in general. A mask is not that big of a deal.
        Yeah, unfortunately it looks like we're in this for the long haul. I personally think we're going to be dealing with this for at least a few years, in some capacity or another. It really, really, really sucks. We're just going to have to adapt. I'm not prepared to just give up my life, stay in doors and do nothing for who knows how long.


          I don't wanna go full on conspiracy guy, but I believe there's a lot of political motivation and deception going on with Covid-19. A year before in Davos for the World Economic Forum there was a presentation about the need for a "great reset" and it was actually suggested that it could be rolled out under the guise of a pandemic.

          Here's a short documentary that I think you guys might find interesting that uses source footage and information. Would be interested to hear what you guys think


            ^^^ That's pretty nuts.

            As for conspiracy theories - of course there are conspiracies in the world. As long as there are leaders and closed doors and people with hidden objectives, there will always be conspiracies. It's lame how "conspiracy" has taken on this sort of dirty connotation. That being said, the blame, I suppose, goes both to the deranged "conspiracy theorists" as well as those who shill for the gate-keepers.

            Creepy about the "great reset." But I find it entirely feasible the pandemic could have been man-made and intentional, or shall I say...."accidental." My first instinct was that this was China's reaction against the West, motivated by the Trade War. They've got certain time-line economic objectives to be the Alpha nation....they got over a billion people....I could easily see them thinking how one measly little coronavirus ain't gonna hurt them much, but look at how the puny West is reeling. Maybe true, maybe not. Who knows.


              Spot on, brother-man. Hell, the term "conspiracy theorist" was created by the CIA to discredit people from questioning the JFK assassination. To this day it's still a term widely used by the establishment to discredit anyone challenging a narrative. To anyone red-pilled, it's a weak deflection, but it works with a lot of normies.

              I was reading John Bolton's ( former national security advisor for those who don't know) white-house memoir and he essentially says that it was a bio-weapon from China used to push their control measures on the West. It makes sense. There was also a lot of propaganda coming out from China when the virus first broke. Staged footage of people dropping like flies in streets and shit that we now know just doesn't happen. The discoverer of HIV also came out and said that covid-19 is clearly a chimera virus with viruses spliced together as you can actually see the insertions in the virus.

              Another angle people don't talk about is how those Hong Kong protests were in full steam and gaining massive momentum and embarrassing China world wide... The release of the virus sure knocked that shit out of that movement in a hurry.

              And look at this, the exact virus that we see now, created in a lab ON RECORD in 2015... Hiding in plain site, as they say


                Dr Francis Boyle, esteemed doctor and the author of the US bioweapons law says that without a doubt that covid 19 was lab made.. Can't argue with his expertise and evidence