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    What's changed about you?

    Firstly, I wanna thank Aaron majorly for bringing Blamo back. It's only been a couple of days but jeez, it's brought up a lot of memories! the topic says, I guess. When you look back on your posting at Blamo to who you are now, what's changed the most? If anything has. I mean, I'm sure that Nick is still as :cry: as ever after all.

    It feels a bit odd -- I think I might be the only person so far who hasn't taken their old username back. Mind you, I used to change it every other week back in the day! A lot of them used to be really quite rude and I probably wouldn't use them now. Reginald I. Perrin doesn't fit either. I think people just called me Blake mostly, but that's changed too. I guess transitioning has a lot to do with that, but sometimes I wonder if I have a few regrets from back in the day. I had tons of fun on here, talked to great people and did some cool things, but I also remember being quite argumentative and obnoxious in ways I couldn't imagine being now (I mean, I'll stand my ground and I might even do so in real life too which I didn't do much back then...but I probably won't say fuck 100 times in the process). Lots of sweary arguments, lots of running battles with other posters...I suppose it's natural to feel a bit cringey at all of that, lol.

    I started posting on Blamo when I was in high school. That time, plus when I was in college (so through 2007) was really rough. I think/hope I'm a lot less self-centered and immature and hope that I don't seek attention as much anymore. I have a lot of stability IRL for the most part so that helps. Going through a lot of shit and not knowing how to cope/manage my feelings led to me being overly dramatic at times on the board because it felt like it was an easy outlet.


      I grew up, obviously. I became much less obsessed with attention from someone (ANYONE), and truly learned to be myself. I still enjoy attention, but there isn't that constant pull to feel accepted. In doing so IRL and online, I became happier than I thought I would have otherwise been around the time that blamo v1.0 was shut off.

      Got married to the love of my life, and we're going on 9 years.
      Got a nice apartment with my wife that we both love.
      Started a band (may have been in its infancy when blamo was dying, but it has drastically changed, and dare I say, is not horrible).
      Started a career, which I am looking to change, but nothing is perfect.

      So, a lot has changed. But most of it has been for the positive, and for that, I am thankful.