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    Not that many care or remember me that well but I'll throw in.

    I went to Russia for 2 years as a Mormon missionary, learned the language, met a Russian girl there and married her. Specifically lived in Moscow for a year, and the other year in cities in the surrounding region. We go back every few years, but are planning on going more frequently these days.

    We have 2 kids, a boy and girl. Ages 8 and 3 going on 4. We speak Russian and English at home and participate in the local Eastern European community quite a bit, which is pretty fun. Obviously, I'm really proud of the bilingual aspect.

    During all this time, I went to a local college, very slowly plodded my way through it and finally graduated with a double major in HR/Business Mgmt and a minor in criminal justice. I'm happy that I graduated and got a degree but right now I'm not actively using it, which is sort of a a way.

    The explanation is I've been working as a 911 dispatcher for 12 years. Did HR for about 2 years of that but went back to dispatching. Personal politics. Became disillusioned with HR for awhile and now I don't know if I want to do it anymore. But have been strongly looking into freelancing/contract work in another field(s) and been working towards building my skills with all of that. Working in emergency response is great because you get to make a real impact on peoples' lives and be part of the action as well, and I love that part of it, but I want more freedom and there are other issues as well....

    Anyway. I'm 36 now.
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      Damn, I found nü-Blamo in the midst of an alcohol-fueled nostalgia trip so I guess I’m up to the same thing as I was back in olde Blamoe.