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Where you laid off recently?

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    Where you laid off recently?

    Anyone else laid off due to this mess? Me too! Let’s bitch and cry together in this safe space! Just vent it out!
    I’m just really sad. And confused because so many of my friends in service industry lost their jobs too and I feel guilty for having self pity. Anyone else feeling this way?

    Not now but I’m nervous. Very nervous. The president of our university stepped down today, effective immediately. I’m the most recent hire in our department and we oversee campus events, activities, and student orgs...all things that have been canceled for the rest of the semester. I’m worried. I haven’t been there a year so
    I don’t think I will qualify for unemployment if something should happen.


      Hi, Ally! Hi, Jess!
      You are absolutely justified to feel sad and upset and guilty and whatever emotion-piles pile on up after this....
      Mostly just that culturally, we haven't set ourselves up to take care of each other when we need it, and then when we do, it's a mad scramble.
      How you feel is how you feel and it is good you have an outlet.
      We all already know this but it is still sometimes nice to hear.
      I am sorry you are feeling this way. Everything is kind of a fuck.

      My own feeling is sort of a simultaneous peace and calm IMMEDIATELY parallel and alongside a dread and horror!
      An extremely strange combination that may or may not mix at times like one of those sand and oil mixy toys.

      There is such a bigger picture that needs rearranging societally and GLORG willing we will finally use this time to do it?
      Less Wetiko, mas caring-o. Scary-o.


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        Hey there Jerry!

        It sure is weird to experience such disparate feelings simultaneously and frequently! I made my back porch into a refuge with two little chairs, my rock collection, and a lilac bush planted in a large, cornflower blue pot. That helps. I make sure to do things I like, like paint or play games with the kids or go do laps around the street. But then sometimes I catch myself staring out the window in kind of freak out mode or I’ll binge watch Tiger King all in one night. Idk if any of this is good or ok or will help get us through.

        It’s good to see you again, Jerry! 🙂👍❤️

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        This was a really thoughtful reply! In the last 2 weeks of layoff town I have been cooking, which I never do, trying to homeschool my kid, which is not easy ans something I never envisioned I would need to do, and rearranging and reorganizing my house. Feelinbg less self pity and more it is what it is.

      Originally posted by blunar/2 View Post
      Hi, Ally! Hi, Jess!
      one of those sand and oil mixy toys.
      Hi all folks all! I just did some scientificitous resquearch, and fount out via the googular mechanismos that these aren't anythings.
      (I was mixing up two different kinds of mixing ups!)


        Hey, Ally! Still getting the hang of this semi-nested-threading thread model.

        So I missed your 'in-line' comment on my reply (which I'm not sure bumps a thread up-top...), until I checked my Notifications.
        Glad to hear you are finding ways to abide in the wtfuckery of this.
        I'm slightly less anxious some days now as well. (It was never specific anxiety, just generalize BWQQQUUUUUUHHHH AAAAUAUUGH!!)