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Favorite Elliott Smith moment from shows?

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    Favorite Elliott Smith moment from shows?

    Hey folks,

    First of all - hey! Glad to see this place has been rejuvenated. Even though I'm not an original member (only 22 years of age) it's great to see there's another platform for fans to connect and share memories about Elliott and his music on.

    Since a lot of you have been to his shows and maybe even interacted with him - I'd love to hear from you about some moments in his shows you enjoyed, songs he played that aren't "on record", things he said/gestures/memorabilia... a brief smile that crossed your face.

    Also, an impossible question: what's your favorite line/verse from any of his songs? If I had to pick one on the spot, I think mine would be: "Watch the dying day blushing in the sky". Something about that line is dreamlike to me, I really enjoy it. It always makes me remember him fondly.

    Also, I gotta say: ever since I heard his music in late 2016 my life has never been the same. Elliott has inspired me to take up my old guitar and really learn to love music, songwriting and singing. To the point where it provides purpose. I'm sure some of you are feeling the same way ​​​​​​​

    I've made a few covers since, if you feel like listening:
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    I saw him play a solo acoustic show at The Empty Bottle in Chicago and one of the opening acts was Rebecca Gates. When he started playing St. Ides Heaven he says “This song’s for Rebecca.” (The same Rebecca that sang backup on that song on the album version). Someone in the crowd yells “Make her sing!” and Elliott had the hilarious response of “Well, I don’t want to pressurize her.” and after a few moments started the song. Around halfway through the first verse Rebecca climbed up on the stage to audience cheers and then knelt down next to Elliott (he was seated) and tried to cram her head in next to his to share the mic and sing along.

    I recorded that show and you can hear this at the 39 minute mark here: