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Who is missing and who are you missing?

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    I sent a bat-signal to jennnnnie so hopefully she rejoins/shows up


    • -jennnnnie-
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    I wish someone could find Molly.


    • jamie lee
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      fakeconcerns? I used to be friends with her on Facebook.

    • Alex P. Keaton
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      Yes. Her. I was racking my brain for her username.

    I can barely remember names no less usernames but I am refreshing my memory... are any of these folks around?
    Valerie (mymayapapaya), galya , kara ell, mel, michael linn (can't remember username ), Mister Grieves, Luke S, Sabrina (bob bobbertson? am I remembering? or is that you kittybear? my memory is so rusty now), Renae, alicia, ronaaaaaaa, neal harris (nh something something), ++++++++ elisabeth, ++James w, ++ Dr. Hibbert, ++glenn, renfahrer555, Thom, and also gretchennnNNNNNN and EVERRYOnneeeeeee I love every one of youuuuu

    ALSO gnoza, gnosis, YERRYYY

    I'm sorry I am using so much caps and such I just have so much enthusiasm
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    • pianissimo
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      ❤❤❤ hello!!

    I miss Jenn Mason. Aka Somebodys Baby.


      Originally posted by carlotta_valdes View Post
      martijn, pieter, ellie, clementine, manu, danny s, danny drumloops, joel, bluebeard, glenn, jamesw
      You must be f***ing kidding me!!!
      one of the few to remember my first know I had a crush on you back in the days

      *Remembers slough accent*

      Didn't you come to Amsterdam once and we went to the pubs until the last one closed?

      Must be getting old, I don't remember a thing

      Anyways....miss all of you...wish we could do Mike's birthday party all over again...or London meetup with illegal house parties and all...

      Stimp / Pieter
      Ps been living in France for about 13 years now...should head to Paris and find Christophe, Philippe and Jean-Luc ...


        This is all so nice to see. I’m glad two threads were bumped up above the sneaker sale ones. (I stared at them awhile like “Is that a venue?” because I am old and tired now.


          I'm missing Texas and the people in it... :bounce:


            I miss erin (waifstar), danny drumloops, mary (chemgirl), liz (nothingsong) I don't know, I miss everybody. Sorry, had to use that. I even miss the smilies. I miss everyone, so here, have a banana