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    k8 i was and k8 i am. still a travel- and animal-obsessed, anxious nerd.

    Since I lost my BFF SweetAddy, I have visited over 40 countries, got married, got divorced, no kids, got another dog, found healthy medication and lifestyle habits, and changed careers. It's honestly difficult for me to recognize myself 10 years ago, but this community helped me cope with what seemed like insurmountable difficulties, whether y'all know it or not.

    I hope we can bring some semblance of this community back to life, because the FB group is literally the only reason I don't delete Facebook.


    • Kurt
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      I feel this way too about the board, but I just had a kid a d got divorced instead of visiting 40 countries.

    Hey Kate.


      hi addy

      I was just watching my RIP sweet addy video the other day and then eddiebrock showed up in my inbox! I am so happy this is here again. You are all such wonderful people.

      I was a youngin' in the late stage addy days, and still not yet in my 30s, but it's getting close. I've been working in software/systems since finishing college, worked at Amazon in Seattle for a spell, but I've been working for bandcamp for 4 years now. I have brought and and into the bandcamp slack emoji ecosystem to keep the spirit of addy alive in my day-to-day. :bop: Live in the woods out in Vermont now. No kids, no pets, one husband. I learned how to knit recently. Don't make music really anymore, but every year I make some songs with my coworkers and I actually just finished making a music video for one of those songs a couple days ago:

      I want to start making more music again for the purposes of producing more puppet-filled music videos as a result. ummmmm, what else....


        I was monotype, I still am monotype. I was MonoAllTypedOut for a while and I posted under the alias of Las Vegas lounger singer Benedict Fontain if the mood so took me which it did from time to time. It's very cool to see everyone again.


          Hey. I remember you. Hope all is well.


          • monotype
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            I remember you also, been a long time! Yeh I'm doing alright despite these surreal times we find ourselves in. Hope you're good as well!

          • Alex P. Keaton
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            Yeah. They are very surreal. Everything is just so wrong nowadays when it comes to the world.

            I'm good.