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Richard Marx Appreciation Thread

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    Richard Marx Appreciation Thread

    I remember reading an interview with Elliott about the oscars where he said he felt compelled to perform because otherwise, they’d get someone like Richard Marx to perform his song instead.

    As it turns out, Richard Marx is a lil spicy and I am HERE FOR IT.

    (I’m just as surprised as you are.)

    (Unless this is a different Richard Marx. I wonder what the likliehood of that is.)



      No. That's the same Richard Marx.


        I wonder if Richard Marx is still an Oscar scare tactic for artists reluctant to sell their soul to the most vacuous of award shows.

        I do like this new found spicy nature though, I never knew you had it in you Marx!


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          Right? Way to go, Richard Marx. Hold On To The Nights was the perfect cheese for 3rd grade afternoons, floating the lazy river at our local waterpark, the coconut smell of sunscreen mixing perfectly with the chlorine in the water.